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River Basins in Work

We are currently working on four pilot hydrological basins in Asia, Africa and South America with the disinterested work of the components of the Non-Profit Association GH2MF2 and volunteer hydrologists, as well as external collaborators (Private, Universities, National Hydrological Societies and other Non-Profit Organizations).

The Non-Profit Association GH2MF2 is open to all those who want to collaborate in the realization of the hydrological models, their calibration and validation and their insertion in the WEB-GIS free platform and propose de new River Basins.

The basins we are currently working on are:

  • Koshi River Basin (China, Nepal, India)
  • Tamsui River Basin (Taiwan)
  • Niger River Basin (West and Central Africa)
  • Magdalena-Cauca River Basin (Colombia)


                                                            Flood in Koshi River