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Installers of TOPKAPI-X v.2.0

In the following link you can download the installer of the physically based distributed hydrological model  TOPKAPI-eXtended version 2_FULL.

TOPKAPI-X is the model chosen within the Non-Profit GH2MF2 project to perform hydrological simulations and is free software and is made available to the entire hydrological scientific community and to the user community of the GH2MF2 project

Download TOPKAPI-X

In the application of American River Basin (inside the project DMIP-2/NWS) the TOPKAPI-X has generated the best simulation during the calibration period (Smith et al., 2013).

Simth M. et al., 2013. The Distributed Model Intercomparison Project – Phase 2: Experiment Design and Summary Results of the Western Basin Experiments,  Journal of Hydrology 507 (Dec. 2013) 300–329.

The new conceptualization of the two soil layers plus Green and Ampt has allowed a correct reproduction of peak floods, the base flow and recession curves. Thanks to the model of infiltration even small summer events are simulated correctly. The evaluation indices confirm the good behavior of the model, which returned a Nash-Sutcliffe coefficient equal to 0.90 calculated over 9 years of simulation with hourly time step.

In this link you can download the model of the American River Basin as an example to learn how to create the models in the TOPKAPI-X friendly platform American River