Via Settimio Mobilio 16 Int.21 – 84127 (SA) Salerno – Italy. Fiscal Code: 95165880659.

Founders – Constituent Act and Statutes

We are a Non-Profit association, founded by three hydrologists with the objective of realizing a Global System of Hydrological Forecasts, open and free, focused for all users of the most disadvantaged countries, to safeguard their lives and their properties.

The Non-Profit association with the name “GH2MF2 – Association for a Participated Global Hydrological Monitoring and Flood Forecasting System” was founded by the following hydrologist:

– CHIRICO GIOVANNI BATTISTA, born in Salerno (SA) – Italy on 12 December 1972,
– ORTIZ ANDRES ENRIQUE, born in Valencia – Spain on 6 September 1970,
– TODINI EZIO, born in Lucca (LU) – Italy on June 5, 1943,

The purpose of the Association is to enable and encourage an active and conscious collaboration of the Members in the implementation of a global flood and flood forecasting system aimed at alleviating the problems of the most disadvantaged populations in Asia, Africa and South America and in particular open to the active participation of local hydrological communities. The operational technical specifications of the system are those presented during the EGU 2016 meeting, held in Vienna on 19 April 2016 and synthesized in Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 18, EGU2016-13026, titled “Global System for Hydrological Monitoring and Forecasting in Real time at high resolution”.