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The purpose of the Association “GH2MF2 – Association for a Participated Global Hydrological Monitoring and Flood Forecasting System“, a non-profit association, is to allow and encourage an effective collaboration of the membership in the realization of a system for forecasting floods and drought events on a global scale, aimed at alleviating the problems of populations more disadvantaged than Asia, Africa and South America and in particular open to the active participation of local hydrological communities.


This aim is consistent with the recent resolution 4.3 / 1 of the WY CHY-15, which intends to finance the implementation of pilot systems for hydrological forecasts on a global scale.

Pursuant to art. IV of the our statutes are invited to participate members of Hydrological Societies and other national and international associations that share their goals, as well as private and public entities, research centers, universities and others.

The request to join the GH2MF2 Association must be prepared with a specific module. Registration Form that must be sent via email to the secretariat of the Non-Profit Association.

Download Registration Form: Module

As soon as possible, we prepare the registration module in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic

Membership is free of charge and does not involve annual fees, but is addressed to all those who want to make an effective contribution in terms of collaboration, perhaps developing the model of their area of ​​interest and then insert it into the Global GH2MF2 Platform.