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Non-Profit GH2MF2 Project

The development of Non-Profit GH2MF2 project was motivated from solidarity and from the need to dignify the most disadvantaged people living in the poorest countries in the world (Asia, Africa and South America), which are continually exposed to changes in the hydrologic cycle suffering events of large floods and/or long periods of droughts due to climate change. The key philosophy behind GH2MF2 is that anyone citizen in the world should deserve free access to hydrological information and forecasts, through a Web-GIS based platform in an interactive and bidirectional way. GH2MF2 is an open non-profit tool, designed to provide real time hydrological monitoring and forecasting at global scale, together with an assessment of predictive uncertainty, by combining hydrological to meteorological ensemble uncertainty, described as a function of the meteorological ensemble spread. To carry out the project, a Non-Profit association was founded by a group of hydrologist: “GH2MF2 – Association for a Participated Global Hydrological Monitoring and Flood Forecasting System” with legal headquarters in the Italian Republic in December 2016.

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