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Month: July 2018

From catchment to global scale; towards hyperresolution modeling?

In this Post we want to share with the hydrological and meteorological community, the brilliant Keynote of Professor Eric F. Wood (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University. Princeton NJ 08544 USA) that performed in the International… Read More

Processing MOD16A2 Product (PET/ET) in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna River Basin for Hydrological Modeling in GH2MF2 Non-Profit Project

In the Non-Profit GH2MF2 association we have processed the MODIS product (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) MOD16A2: MODIS / Terra Net Evapotranspiration 8-Day L4 Global 500 m SIN Grid V006 in the basin of the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna rivers. The objective… Read More

A keynote to understand the Predictive Uncertainty in Flood Forecasting, by Prof. Ezio Todini

From deterministic to probabilistic thresholds: possibly a better way to take advantage of  predictive uncertainty in flood emergency management Prof. Ezio Todini is Honorary President of Italian Hydrological Society and Co-Founder of “GH2MF2 – Association for a Participated… Read More

Hydrological Modeling – Collaborate with us, for a better Earth in a moment of change, all ideas or proposals are welcome

There are many current hydrological models, almost as many as research groups of different research entities or university departments. Hydrological models can be aggregated, semi-distributed, distributed conceptually or physically based, stochastic and black-box or data-driven (ANN’s), which is… Read More

Using the fantastic Precipitation Dataset MSWEP V2.1 to force and calibrate the TOPKAPI-eXtended Hydrological Model within the Non-Profit GH2MF2 Project

In the Non-Profit GH2MF2 project the MSWEP V2.1 product dataset (Tile 243) is being used to force and calibrate the physically distributed hydrological model based on the Koshi River Basin together with the dataset derived from the CFSR… Read More

SM2RAIN-CCI Derived Rainfall from the inversion of the satellite soil moisture

SM2RAIN-CCI: a new global long-term rainfall data set derived from ESA CCI soil moisture Accurate and long-term rainfall estimates are the main inputs for several applications, from crop modeling to climate analysis. In this study, we present… Read More

Super Typhoon Maria – GPM (IMERG) Precipitation Product

Non-Profit GH2MF2 Project

The development of Non-Profit GH2MF2 project was motivated from solidarity and from the need to dignify the most disadvantaged people living in the poorest countries in the world (Asia, Africa and South America), which are continually exposed to… Read More